PATENT: Arrow extractionWildsteer

Designed by an archer with 25 years of experience in outdoor bowhunting, the WILDSTEER knife stems from several years of tests and findings which have given rise to this outstandingly sturdy and comprehensive knife.The assembly is made up of a straight one-piece forged knife and a removable “extractor" which is hinged on the guard of the knife.Patent registered in April 2005.

This combination offers several functions:

Grip function:

Housings provided for in the guard of the knife and in the extractor mean, thanks to the hinge, the tubes can be inserted and securely held without damaging them.You can therefore easily unscrew the arrow tube driven into the tree and thus access the thread of the head.

Extractor function:

By screwing the extractor onto the thread of the head and hinging it on the knife, you can extract your arrow head by prying it out with the blade of the knife.
For difficult extractions, the "Tanto" tip of the WILDSTEER knife will enable you to cut into the wood with precision by banging on the pommel by hand and therefore pre-freeing the head.

Sharpening of hunting arrow heads:

The extractor can also be used a blade holder to sharpen your hunting arrow heads with precision.

Deburring of shafts:

The notches on the top of the WILDSTEER knife are designed for you to deburr cut tubes (extended or recovered) before fitting the insert.

The extractor is compatible with a whole host of Wildsteer knives: