The birth of Wildsteer

Edouard et Danielle de BUYER

Created on 24 December 2004, WILDSTEER develops, produces and markets its own knifes, designed by an engineering with a passion for archery and an amateur blacksmith.

This young business has forged itself a reputation in France, Europe and the USA thanks to the innovation and second-to-none quality of its first knife, the "Wildsteer"

Originally designed for archers, "Wildsteer" offers characteristics making just as attractive to nature, outdoor and survival enthusiasts in forests. Extracting arrows, gripping, cutting wood, clearing, means you can make assemblies, deburr and more - the main functions of this straight knife, forged in one piece and 100% French.
Extracting an arrow driven into wood when pulled by a powerful bow is usually an archer's worst nightmare, as there is nothing practical on the market to extract it quickly and properly.

Being both an archer and amateur blacksmith, Edouard de BUYER's idea of designing a knife precisely meeting with this essential function, came "naturally" to him. 
Practice in the field (11 prototypes were made and tested) was required to find the perfect balance between  sturdiness (required for extraction), handling and high cutting quality  while being able to use the knife throughout the day's hunting or outdoors and by men and women alike.

Once achieved, a patent on arrow extraction and a model of the signature Wildsteer leather handle were filed and so the WILDSTEER adventure began on 24 December 2004.

Danielle de BUYER, also an engineer, and closely involved throughout the project, decided to take over and devote herself on a full-time basis to creating and making a success of this artisan business.