How to block the extractor in the Wildsteer sheath?
To block the extractor in the sheath, you can glue a Field point in the bottom of the pocket with a cartridge of glue (like a cartridge of glue used for plinths).
Just place a small dot of glue in the bottom using the nozzle of the gun then drive in the field point screwed on to the end of an arrow shaft.
Wait for the glue to dry thoroughly. Then unscrew the arrow shaft and insert your extractor screwing it into the point. It obviously has to be unscrewed to be taken out.
There's no risk of you losing it once it's screwed into the sheath.

Is the leather of the handle and sheath water, blood and dirt-repellent?
It's an oiled leather so it's fairly water repellent.
If your handle gets stained with blood or other dirt, rinse it with clean water and a small brush to clean in the truss (if possible before the blood dries) then leave it to dry away from a source of heat, the sun or a radiator.
Apply a colourless balm (used to clean shoes), avoid polish this gets clogged.
You should not apply a balm or grease too often as it tends to disintegrate the leather (roughly once or twice a year depending on use)

What means of payment can I use?
You can pay for your order by credit card via the CIC secure payment page, by Paypal or by transfer whatever is the most suitable for you.
Is it safe to use a credit card over the internet?
We are aware that a considerable number of users are not always sure about the security of transactions by credit card over the Internet. This is why we use the latest secure payment and encryption technology.
Security is a key priority for us. We take all the precautions required to guarantee that the confidential information you provide us during a transaction remains secure. We are just as concerned about the protection of your credit card as you are. Our websites use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, the industry's standard and the latest security software currently available for online transactions. SSL encrypts all the personal data including credit card numbers, names and addresses so they are not visible during transfer over the Internet. The most commonly used Internet browsers display a padlock in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window to confirm that a transaction is secure.

Order cancellation
When the payment is made, your order is processed the same day (if placed during a working day before 12h midday). The shipment time is therefore very quick.
To cancel orders very shortly after payment, you are advised to telephone us on +33 (0)4 77 92 59 86 or +33 (0)6 87 50 54 45 to stop shipments. The total amount of the order, including carriage costs is recredited to the bank account used during the purchase transaction the next day.
To cancel orders after shipment, you must wait to receive the products and then return them to us in their original packaging. The amount of your purchases will be recredited to the bank account used during the purchase transaction, less the carriage costs, the next day.

What is the delivery time?
Orders are processed very quickly within the day. If your order is placed and paid before midday (often up to 3.00 pm), the parcel is shipped the same day by colissimo or registered post depending on the value. Then account for 48h for the post in mainland France, 3 to 10 days for the majority of destinations and 15 to 20 days for long distance destinations.

Question regarding an error or shortage in parcels.
We do our utmost to process your order as efficiently as possible, unfortunately mistakes can happen. You are therefore advised to send an email to to report the error or missing product so that we can make the exchange or send you the products at our expense.

Where can I find the Wildsteer's products?
Our products are distributed by many knife, archery and weapon dealers. To find out the Wildsteer product dealers, you can visit the Points of sales of our website.

What is the guarantee for the Wildsteer's products?
The Wildsteer (normal, Custom and Collector) and Wild Tactic blades are guaranteed for 30 years for normal use. Bangs on metal or stone, use as an anchor point for hoisting (as in our video with the 4X4!) etc., are not covered by our guarantee.
All the other models of knives are guaranteed 2 years for "conventional" knife use, i.e. cutting of materials meant to be cut with a knife.

How does the After-Sales Service work?
Wildsteer assure le SAV sur l'ensemble de ses produits.
Wildsteer provides the after-sales service on all its products. Leather handles can be replaced on the Wildsteer and Baby Wild models. Sheaths can be purchased separately in the event of loss or damage by telephoning +33 (0)4 77 92 59 86.