Not a knife, a Wildsteer

Publié le : 04/15/2013 19:22:29

Hi to all the WILDSTEER team, 

Especially to Edouard, who at the last knife show in Lyon did not just sell me a knife but an out-and-out adventure "companion". 

In fact, this magnificent WILDSTEER, that I’d had my eye on for quite some time, does really live up to its reputation. Grip, length and blade quality making for discreet wearing (compared to my good old KABAR). Correct weight and dimension and even a housing for the firesteel (I would personally recommend the big model). 

A bit biased perhaps? 

Yes, I am, having used it in many situations and in all weather conditions, it was always up for the challenge. A terrain knife or better still, all-terrain, as the leather holds up well, even in water, you just have to dry it in the evening, by the fire (not too close all the same). And in the Doubs area, we know what we're talking about when it comes to differences in temperature and rain!! Enough of the sidetracking. Thanks again for your kindness and the quality of your work. I am in admiration of such expertise. Perhaps you could share this on a course? 
Kind regards. 


When your Wildsteer becomes more than just a knife...
(testimonial, episode 2)

Another "WILD" trip to the top... one Saturday in the haut Doubs, just me and my fire, in pensive mode. With my Wildsteer in my hand, I imagine I'm a trapper, an adventurer of the far north. I feel free, far from the rat race, and what I feel is real...

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