The Wild Tactic in action

Publié le : 06/30/2014 17:51:53


I started at the age of 14 doing hikes, then did climbing and mountain climbing (Mont-Blanc, Cervin, Aiguille de Chamonix, les Aiguilles Rouges, etc).

Independent crossing of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Lapland from south to north for just over 3 months.
For the past fifteen years, I’m down to the strict minimum in equipment (a quilt, flask, billy can and obviously a good strong, efficient knife). I definitely get the most out of them!

I find that they have got the weight and balance of the Wild Tactic right. I've used it as a small machete with no problems. The thickness of the blade is quite surprising and I’ve never hesitated using a log as a hammer to split wood with the blade. The material of the handle has a nice feel to it and the grip is good, even when wet.
The shape of the blade is a bit disturbing to begin with.
This is perhaps due to being used to using knives with conventionally shaped blades, but once used, its efficiency is formidable.  I've used the “tip”, given its shape to make grooves in wood. I’ve used it as a chisel as well as to cut open and gut fish. The pommel is very good as a hammer (however the manufacturer does advise against this for obvious safety reasons). 

The sheath is strong and the pocket on the top is big enough to house the firesteel, sharpening stone, string and wire cutting system as well as the blade protection.
The only little drawback I have is not about the knife which I think is perfect but the wire cutting tool. To use it with a jigsaw blade, you must tighten the screw with another object. I use the scraper of the firesteel but I’m going to change this screw for a knurled one or a wing screw, however this is only a minor detail compared to the rest of the knife and it's only optional.

(For the record, the initial screw has since been replaced with a knurled one).

PARMIANI Bruno (France)

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