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Stany Coppet used the Wild Tech2 with Neck Tech sheath and tested the TX Wild in French Guiana during his expedition in preparation for the film " La Vie Pure". (This film is based on the life of Raymond Maufrais). Cf the trailer for the film).

Here is what he has to say:

Test report: TX WILD Wildsteer knife, Raymond Maufrais expedition, French Guiana.
Route: departure from Maripasoula on the Maroni River-Tampok River-Waki River-Chemin des Emérillons.

Photo credits: Françoise Bassel

La Vie Pure

As part of a reconnaissance trip for the movie "La Vie Pure", freely adapted from the life of explorer Raymond Maufrais, who disappeared on 13 January 1950 in the Guyana Rainforest, the producer and myself, Stany Coppet, went on an expedition in the Amazon Rainforest in Guiana from 17 to 27 March following the tracks of this explorer. During this expedition I was able to test the performance of Wildsteer's TX Wild knife

The knife had been designed with a strap which was very useful on firm ground to keep the knife attached to one's wrist and not to lose it. Having said that, in a dugout canoe, moving beneath branches, down rapids, etc., it can quickly turn against you or a member of the crew. I therefore do not recommend it on board a moving dugout canoe where it may even get lost.

On occasion, I had to let go of everything in less than 2 seconds to plunge into the water and right the dugout which was about to smash against rocks in rapids or even to jump into the water after crashing into a branch that was bearing a ferocious wasps' nest. The Amazon Rainforest and its rivers are packed with surprises and it's better not to have a sharp object in one's hands when dealing with those events. That was how, on board the dugout, cutting some vines without the strap (for safety's sake), I had to jump into the water and the TX WILD knife sank to the bottom of the Waki River. I was, however, able to do a few tests on the knife and here are my findings:

The TX Wild is incredibly effective for a variety of uses. Its extremely sharp, penetrating blade makes it easy to cut any game and fish we caught. Its weight is perfectly balanced. I was easily able to cut the vines that blocked my path. The TX Wild can also be used to cut wood to make a camp fire. In addition, as a tool essential for survival on an expedition, the TX Wild can also be a complementary tool to a sabre or machete needed for this type of expedition. Wildsteer Stany COPPET

The TW Wild's handle is made up of 5 metres of paracord that is very useful in an emergency. I didn't need to use it fortunately, but it's nice to know that there's an extra 5 metres to use in extreme situations. This paracord makes the knife easy to grip and also gives it an attractive look.

The nylon sheath and its reinforcements are extremely light, robust and safe. A further advantage of this sheath is that it dries very quickly. In the Amazon Rainforest, most of our time is spent in the water and everything is damp. A leather sheath wouldn't stand this high level of humidity. It snap closure holds the knife handle securely and prevents losing the knife. In my opinion, it's the best thought-out and designed sheath to date for the Amazon Rainforest.

It is the best knife to be had for these extreme expeditions and usage - and the price is very affordable!

Stany Coppet

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