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Rémi Camus - Adventurer taking part in Wild, the Survival Race on M6

Rémi WIld M6

During this race we all had the same equipment.

Our basic package included paracord, a watertight bag, a flask - empty of course -, but above all, and for me the most important thing, a knife: a Kodiak, no, not a camera, but the name of a knife 100% made in France by Wildsteer.

This family business, very much in tune with its customers, developed this blade specially for outdoor adventures. Its various features make it an impressive bushcraft knife.

Rémi Wild M6

Featuring a wide tip and a batoning area, the Kodiak is really versatile. Wildsteer has thought of everything: a fire steel rubbing area on the top of the blade, a recess in the handle to light a fire with a bow without having to worry about looking for a stone or a dry bone.

From the Botswana savannah to the Cordillera Real in Bolivia, I had the opportunity to use it all the time during the programme. I was pleasantly surprised by its simplicity, sturdiness and usability. The only negative point for me is that it has too many features. I would make do with the simplified version of the Kodiak which is quite simply outstanding (see on their site).

is shortly coming to an end; as for me, I'm preparing to take up another challenge.

On 1st June 2018, I will set off from Dunkirk to swim around France, a swim that will take me to Menton by the end of September. During my journey, I'll be going along the French coast.

My aim, over and above the performance, is to engage people as to the preservation of water, a vital resource.

For this latest feat, I'll be supported by Wildsteer, the maker of WILD, with whom I've been working beforehand to create a knife custom-made for my expedition.

Eléonore Corroy - Survival Instructor at Time On Target 

Eleonore WildM6

The Kodiak was a faithful companion during the 5 weeks of adventure on Wild, the Survival Race.

Reliable, resistant, effective, solid: it experienced the lot, from Botswana bush to Cordillera Real and the jungle.

No trace of rust: that's a strong point; easy to sharpen: another plus point when spending several weeks in the bush. Faultless finishes.

I wasn't able to use all its features, apart from the notch at the back designed to rub the firesteel and the magnesium block, the hook puller at the tip which is really practical to get a billy can out of the fire without getting burnt and the bottle opener for bivouac evenings with friends;)

Eléonore Wild M6

A really good camping knife that I recommend.

Eléonore Corroy

Adrien Andreotti - Survival Instructor at Para Bellum

Adrien Wild M6"I was able to test Wildsteer's Kodiak knife during WILD, the Survival Race on M6, which I took part in as a survival expert!

This beautifully made knife is sturdy and effective!

Its robust blade allows for effective batoning, which makes it really practical in wooded areas!
The notch to be able to use the fire starter is practical because of its position. It's really useful in cold spells because it's not easy to use the small surface of a firesteel with thick gloves on.

What's more, its wide handle makes it easy to grip and use comfortably without any danger!

The only tiny drawback, but which is logical given its qualities, is that it's a bit heavier than a standard knife.

Adrien Wild M6
So, the conclusion is that the Kodiak survival knife by Wildsteer is one of the best on the market and made in France to boot!
See you soon on one of our PARA BELLUM survival courses.

Adventure knows no bounds!
Adrien Andreotti

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