Knife for bivouacking

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We met at the knife show in Thiers where I gave you some feedback on your knife.

I’ve been using it for a few months now, mostly for bivouacking. I must admit it’s never disappointed me, whether for its outstanding sturdiness or cutting quality.
I’ve cut batons out on several types of wood including really dry old oak, its efficiency is formidable and however hard I tried to bang on it, the blade has never got deformed and the cutting edge is the same as ever. The knife is very well balanced meaning the handle can be gripped in different ways making it a highly versatile knife.

I had some reservations as to whether the leather of the handle would stay put but was quickly reassured as everything’s stayed in place despite experiencing snow, earth and water.
The blade is very easy to maintain, you recommended I use a diamond stone, I use a Japanese stone of a grain size of 1000/6000 which is just right.

Kind regards from Saint-Etienne.

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